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Linking Our Libraries

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Nov 16, 2021

This season we are moving through the state of Minnesota, looking at an interesting fact about each county and giving you a book prompt from that fact. We will share six book suggestions to meet that prompt, to get you started on reading new books. You can also take that prompt and find any other book to meet the challenge!


This is one of the counties that make up the CMLE membership, so we are especially pleased to talk about it today! Mille Lacs is the home of Bridge No. 3355-Kathio Township, One of Minnesota's few ornamental concrete slab bridges, covered in fine masonry by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1939. You can celebrate this achievement by reading a book with construction or architecture.


We give you links to each of these books on our show notes page, taking you to If you click on any of them, and buy anything at all - including a nice book - Amazon will send us a small percent of the profits they made on these sales. Thank you for supporting CMLE!