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Linking Our Libraries

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Jul 28, 2020

Welcome back! Let's find some new books this week.

We are the Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange, a multitype system serving all types of libraries.

This season we are suggesting books you might enjoy for our Goodreads group: Armchair Travel to Minnesota State Parks. We give you a prompt connected to each state park, and you find a book to fulfill the challenge. You can use one of our suggestions, and you should feel free to read any book!

Rice Lake State Park was another park established in 1963. While tribes are not harvesting rice here today, wild rice is an important Minnesota crop for indigenous people.

So, meet this week's challenge by reading a book with farming or gardening. 

We give you links to each of these books on our show notes page, taking you to If you click on any of them, and buy anything at all - including a nice book - Amazon will send us a small percent of the profits they made on these sales. Thank you for supporting CMLE!

Join us next week to look at another park, and more books.