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Linking Our Libraries

Join us! Hear from library experts, work on your leadership skills, and be more effective in your organization!

Dec 17, 2018


In Season Four, we have all worked together to work through fifteen of the most valuable competencies you need to be a good leader in your organization. As we said all along: it doesn't matter what your title is, you can lead from any position. So these skills are for EVERYONE! Refer back to our shownotes for any info you missed - and of course for links to the books we shared!

We are taking a break here, and starting up our companion podcast: Reading With Libraries. Season Three starts Thursday Jan. 3. You can subscribe at any podcast app you are already using (like this one!). Each week we explore a new genre, drink new beverages, and chat with new Guest Hosts about the books they like. We have lots of Readers Advisory material on the website, to help you in guiding people to the books they may love.

But we don't want your feed here to be lonely, so we will be dropping a quick Book Bite into it each week. This is a five minute look, by a Guest Host, at a book (or two) they have enjoyed and want to share with you. There are all kinds of genres, all kinds of suggestions - everything you need to find books for yourself, or to share with patrons and friends.

And what's happening with Linking Our Libraries?? We have so many fun plans!! Season Five will be back, exploring all kinds of library skill using pop culture. It will be fast, fun, and filled with great ideas for you and your library! We definitely want you to join us there!