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Linking Our Libraries

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May 30, 2019

In this episode we will talk about the service most people think of first when they think about cool things libraries do: Children’s Services. While it’s not the only thing we do, it’s important

This week we have returning Guest Host Kelly Groth, from the Great River Regional Library System to help us get some ideas!

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We are big fans of the idea that kids are important parts of any library – public, school, even special library organizations. So we support the idea that service to kids is not just handing them a moldy, torn book from the 80s, or doing the same story time, or having no posters on the walls. It’s not actively working to shush them over anything else, or to ensure they are on their best behavior in the library.

Instead our job is to do just what we do with every patron: actively work to connect the patron to the information resources we provide. That might be books, or computers, or programming. We are filled with so many great things – let’s be sure they are shared with kids!