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Jul 7, 2020

The land of Glendalough State Park was first purchased as a summer retreat, but On Earth Day, 1990, this largely natural and undeveloped property was donated to The Nature Conservancy. On June 10, 1992, the deed was transferred to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for use as a state park. 

Glendalough is home to abundant populations of white-tailed deer, raccoon, red fox, and smaller mammals. The park also offers excellent birdwatching for a variety of species of prairie, wetland, and hardwood forest birds.

A paved bike trail loop and numerous hiking trails, including two interpretive trails, meander along five lakes, through rich woods and blooming prairies. Wildlife abounds year-round, and there are many observation decks along the trails.

Mary  spent a great weekend here that was cold outside, but very warm in the heated cabin. 

For this reading prompt, enjoy the hygge feelings by reading a book set, at least partially, in a cabin.

We were surprised by the amount of scary books that take place in cabins, but we’ll try to suggest some cozier ones as well! 

We give you links to each of these books on our show notes page, taking you to If you click on any of them, and buy anything at all - including a nice book - Amazon will send us a small percent of the profits they made on these sales. Thank you for supporting CMLE!