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Linking Our Libraries

Join us! Hear from library experts, work on your leadership skills, and be more effective in your organization!

Jan 9, 2020

This week we look at services for patrons with learning differences - a skill important in any library.

You can find our show notes page here, with links to all kinds of resources and links to the books we shared.

This week we have a returning Guest Host, director of the libraries at St. Benedict's College and St John’s University: Kathy Parker.

Libraries are places filled with information. It’s our job as library people to connect that information - the relevant, useful stuff - to the needs of our community members.

I think that over the years, we are becoming better at reaching out to patrons where they are - not insisting they confirm to our expectations of how they should want to receive information from us.

It’s a skill we can all improve on, and there are always new strategies to learn about that will help you to provide the best service to your community members. And the challenges people can have in connecting with our information are probably much broader than you are first imagining, so keep working to improve that connection!