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Linking Our Libraries

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Dec 20, 2018

It's award season!! And we love books; there are so many to discuss!! We share book suggestions and ideas every single week on our podcasts, but we wanted to take some time to recognize a few that are special to us. The CMLE team of Angie, Lydia, and Mary all contributed to this episode. 

Get all the categories and books on our shownotes page!

You have heard all of us talking about books across all of our podcasts, and we have some definite favorites. This year we are adapting the 30 book challenge from Overdrive’s really good book podcast: Professional Book Nerds. They have suggestions you can use to read 30 different books, to build your own reading interests. We have a link to their material above, and you should check out their podcast and their website!

Today we are going to use those ideas as the foundation for our award show. You should find some good suggestions for your own reading, and definitely take their challenge to find 30 of your own books!

Every single book we share here today is on our shownotes page with titles, authors, and Amazon links. So do not worry about taking notes - we have it all available for you!