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Linking Our Libraries

Join us! Hear from library experts, work on your leadership skills, and be more effective in your organization!

Nov 5, 2020

Welcome back to Season Seven of Linking Our Libraries! Today is the end of our season. We have had a great time looking at a variety of skills to use in libraries, whether you are in the midst of a global pandemic or not. Stay tuned to this feed! We will start dropping short episodes of Browsing Books here on Tuesdays, with about ten minutes of book suggestions just for you.


Today’s episode is part of our series on Library Basics. We are working through some of the skills people need in every library. Not everyone is going to school for a Master’s degree in Library Science, and that’s fine. We want to be sure everyone has the skills to be comfortable in a library and to be successful for the community you are serving.


It does not matter what type of library you are in - we all need to do instruction! Your work might be working with a patron to figure out a specific problem they are having in a moment. It might be a one-shot class, where you just pop into a class and talk about a specific topic. Or it might be a longer part of a class, where you are involved on a longer basis with doing more instruction over the course of days or weeks.


Just remember that our fundamental purpose is to connect information with members of the community. Instruction is the tool we can use to help them to find that information, no matter what topic a patron wants.